The System.

Change the way you think about traditional construction. Durapanel is a faster, easier and simply the better way to build.

The Durapanel Construction System is a structural wall and ceiling panel system used in the construction of Durapanel buildings as a substitution for conventional timber frame and linings. Ceiling panels are installed over the wall panels and supported by conventional roof framing fixed over the ceiling panels. All other aspects of the design & construction such as foundations, floors, roofs, joinery, cladding, services, and interior finishing are conventional.

Durapanel is accredited by ACTRANZ for supply of Triboard panels. Only panels which have been supplied by an accredited remanufacturer may be used as housing components.

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Durapanel Applications


From the factory to factory, Durapanel makes an ideal solution for transportable builders, especially those building undercover as the speed of construction is accelerated. The panel also provides superior strength for transport on the NZ roads.

Standard Residential

Durapanel really comes into its own on classic 100-250 sqm single level family homes. Construction is fast, sites are organised with minimal waste and trades can work in parallel.  The result? A quality, durable and low maintenance home that is finished quicker than everyone else. 


Low maintenance, space saving for maximising floor area and construction speed are the key reasons why Durapanel is attractive for townhouses. Where space is a premium, the thinner Durapanel internal walls and IT firewalls results in more floorspace and room.


In the physical demands of an office or a commercial workshop, Durapanel is ideal for protecting your asset and investment, requiring very little ongoing maintenance when compared to plasterboard finishes. Simple and easy to install, it is an obvious structural choice for this environment. 

Engineered and BRANZ appraised for two-storey construction. Three or more storey’s can be achieved with site specific engineering.

Tested and evaluated by BRANZ to have a serviceable life more than 50 years.

Meets the requirements for loads arising from self-weight, imposed gravity loads arising from use, earthquake, snow and wind.

Durapanel Structural & Surface Qualities

Durapanel uses Triboard for its panel products, a 3-layered structural panel consisting of a strand core with smooth fibreboard outer layers. The result is a strong and durable panel that exhibits excellent structural stability and screw holding capabilities. The smooth fibreboard face provides a high quality and low maintenance interior surface. Panels arrive on site pre-primed and ready for interior painting and with no plasterboard required, smooth surface wall panels can achieve a level 5 paint finish.

The system comprises 36mm thick wall panels for interior and exterior walls and 18mm thick panels for ceilings. Every panel serves as bracing and the system employs standard construction (insulation and cladding) from the exterior walls out. 38mm firewalls are also available for intertenancy multi-residential builds. 

Durapanel Products


Durapanel Residential Structural Wall Panel System can be used for exterior load bearing walls and also interior non-load bearing partition walls. Large format wall panels (4.0m x 2.45m) are manufactured from 36mm and 18mm thickness. Exterior walls have a batten cavity attached for insulation and servicing. 

Intertenancy System

The Inter-tenancy Wall System has been designed for use as load bearing or non-load bearing fire rated and sound insulating partition.  Fire Resistance Rating (FRR) of 60/60/60 and an STC rating of 56 can be achieved. The System is comprised of two separate layers of 38mm panels separated by a 100mm wide cavity.


The Durapanel Structural Ceiling System is a complete ceiling surface that typically runs continuously over the Durapanel walls or can be applied to a conventional build constructed over traditional timber or steel framing. The ceiling sheets consist of 15mm, 18mm (standard) or 21mm Solid Strand Core with a smooth fibreboard outer layer.


Durapanel Commercial Walls, Partitions, Ceilings, Intertenancy Walls are manufactured from 15mm, 18mm, 36mm or 38mm(firewall) panel thickness. Panel sections consist of a Solid Strand Core with smooth fibreboard outer layers. Panel sizes can be manufactured to any shape or size up to the 4.0m x 2.5m masterboard dimension.

We are excited to be part of the High Performer Building program.

High Performer Buildings are built with quality products that are designed to last – products that deliver the best result in their field without costing the earth.

For a product to be selected as a High Performer Product, it must help the building perform it’s key objective – to protect it’s inhabitants by keeping them warm, dry and safe for as long as possible.

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