Offsite Manufacturing.

The future of New Zealand Building.

Offsite Manufacturing, previously known as Prefabrication, or ‘Prefab’, is the method of offsite construction, using innovative systems, technology and controlled factory environments to achieve superior & quality construction methods. At Durapanel, we are passionate about offsite manufacturing with our Structural Panel System for residential & commercial construction

Our offsite manufactured residential panel kitsets are an innovative solution that is scalable and sustainable. We are continually investing in new technology and applying new systems to remove unnecessary time and costs, but never at the expense of delivering a quality and customised solution for our partners.

Key Offsite Manufacturing Advantages


The application of computer numerically controlled (CNC) technology, computer aided grafting and manufacturing (CAD-CAM) and factory controlled conditions allows for superior quality and less wastage, without compromising individuality in design.


With offsite manufacturing, the construction process is much faster. This is because two parallel workstreams are happening simultaneously.  Site-based foundations are built, as building parts are manufactured offsite.


Offsite manufacturing guarantees on-time completion and reduces delays caused by labour, rework and weather conditions. This efficiency leads to time and cost savings in the build process.


Offsite Manufacturing reduces waste onsite and increases energy efficiency with accurate building methods.


With less dependence on highly skilled labour, controlled environments translate to more jobs for less skilled workers. Additionally, one offsite manufacturer can accommodate multiple building firms and projects at once.

Health and Safety

In a controlled working environment, employees work at lower heights and are safe from varying weather conditions, enhancing overall worker health and safety.