Kitset Homes

Durapanel's Kitset Home Solution removes the hassle for builders.

There’s a lot to think about being a builder – detailed plans, coordinating materials, sticking to building regulation and keeping your client happy can be a challenging exercise.

Our team works to solve the headaches and inefficiencies involved in traditional construction, but not at the expense of quality and flexibility. Our kitset homes help solve many challenges builders currently face in New Zealand, and with a culture of continuous improvement, we are committed to keep doing so.

Our Mission: to make building easier. How?

Save labour, save time.

Our kitset components are pre-cut, pre-drilled and pre-primed allowing for a rapid onsite assembly, meaning the house structure is lined and lockable awaiting interior finishing. The ease of erecting our kitset houses means you don’t have to depend on highly skilled labour. Overall, completing the building in shorter time means you can build more houses in a year, at higher profit margins.

Superior Product Quality

The components of our kitset homes, consisting of floor, wall and ceiling panels are made from Triboard, a solid timber board made up of a strand core producing unmatched strength and accuracy.  The board is overlaid with a smooth fibreboard layer to achieve a superior surface finish when painted.

Minimise Waste

With our kitset solution, there is minimal waste created onsite, because we don’t bring waste onsite. A tidy site is safe site, and is less disruptive to the environment and other trades.

Minimise Risk

With reduced construction time, less debris and traders working on site, workers’ exposure to risk is greatly reduced. Training from our technician team is also available when learning the Durapanel process, introducing workers to safer building methods.