Making building easier.

A fast and efficient Structural Panel System for residential and commercial construction, replacing traditional stick-frame and plasterboard with no compromise on quality.



Applications where Durapanel out-preforms traditional building methods. 


Standard Residential



Durapanel in a nutshell.


Durapanel Structural Exterior Wall Panel consisting of a 36mm solid panel with attached battens that form the dry cavity for insulation and services. Panel sizes up to 4m x 2.5m.


Durapanel Structural Ceiling Panels consisting of a 18mm Solid Timber Panel. Panel sizes up to 4m x 2.5m.


Durapanel Interior Wall Panel 36mm thick. Panels arrive pre-primed and paint can be applied directly to the panel for a superior finish. 


Once the dry cavity is wrapped, any traditional cladding can be erected.

36mm Durapanel Exterior Wall with 70mm attached battens forming the insulation and servicing cavity.

Trusses are erected on top of the solid Durapanel Ceiling, eliminating the need for safety nets.

36mm Interior Durapanel wall that is pre-primed and ready for painting. 

Any selected cladding applied after wrap stage. 

Durapanel Ceilings are screwed and glued to the walls below and fixed to the truss bottom cord above.

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A faster and easier way to build. 

The structural panel is the finished surface. No plasterboard trades and painting can commence earlier in the process.

Solid ceilings. Eliminating the need of safety nets and allowing for fast truss installation. 

Pre-cut and pre-primed. Panels are manufactured in a controlled factory environment reducing the need for skilled labour onsite. 

Overall time savings of up to 40% can be experienced with new build projects.

We are excited to be part of the High Performer Building program.

High Performer Buildings are built with quality products that are designed to last – products that deliver the best result in their field without costing the earth.

For a product to be selected as a High Performer Product, it must help the building perform it’s key objective – to protect it’s inhabitants by keeping them warm, dry and safe for as long as possible.

Build from the inside out, meaning trades can work in parallel. 

From planning to installation, Durapanel is easier all the way.


Our technical consultants work with architects and designers to specify Durapanel into consented building plans. 


Our detailing team turn consented plans into shop drawings ready for the factory.


Panels are processed in an offsite factory environment using precision cutting CNC capabilities.


Panels arrive to site as a flatpack kitset and are installed by trained licensed builders or our own installation team.

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Not only are we making building easier, we’re making it easier on the environment.

100% NZ MADE.

Timber products are exclusively grown, harvested and processed from Northland forests. Durapanel products are then processed in the same region, supporting local jobs and industries.


The timber used in Durapanel products is sourced from renewable New Zealand radiata pine forests that are engaged in sustainable practices and hold FSC and ISO 14000 environmental standards.


Precision CNC cutting of Durapanel Products produces minimal material waste and over 95% of factory off-cuts are recycled in to different applications such as doors and packaging.


Ready to install panels reduce construction waste onsite, removing hazards and ensuring safer building sites and tidy working conditions.


Durapanel’s unique panel configuration with walls and ceilings interlocked together, air leakage is minimised and homes are airtight, warm and energy efficient.