Flatpack Homes.

Simple and efficient New Zealand wide distribution.


A flat pack home, or Durapanel’s flat pack house kits are an alternative concept that aligns itself with modern day manufacturing standards. All industries have evolved rapidly over time, embracing the factory processes such as the assembly line, yet traditional onsite construction still remains the same – assembled at the builders site.

Durapanel has been providing flat pack house kits in NZ since the 1990s. With a culture of continuous improvement, we are striving for new developments, realising that incremental fixes are not going to be enough to address the current problems that our country face today.

Why Flat Pack?

Factory Control

Flat pack homes produced in a factory ensures a safe and controlled environment, minimising disruption and maximising efficiency. However, with the technology at our fingertips, efficiency no longer has to come at the expense of quality or sustainability.

Logistics Advantage

Flat pack houses, as opposed to modular houses or transportable houses, have a superior advantage in transporting New Zealand wide, saving costs on freight and storage. Modular homes and transportable homes have limited delivery reach and are often restricted to a specific region, due to the size and nature of the product.

Minimal Waste

Using CNC technology, panels are programmed and precision-cut minimising wastage of the panel board. For example, the door is developed from the section of panel where the doorway is cut out. The finished product is then organised, and the flat packed panels are in logical order ready for the builder to assemble onsite.

Easy & Efficient Assembly

Panels are engineered, designed and finished so the flat pack house kit arrives on site with panels pre-cut, pre-drilled and pre-primed, resulting in a rapid onsite assembly of the house structure, ready for interior finishing. The ease of assembly minimises the dependency for highly skilled labour.