Q: Can the latest insulation standards be achieved using Durapanel?

The insulation standards under H1 are changing from May 2023 and the minimum construction R value will be R2.0 across all climate zones. Durapanel walls using 70×45 exterior wall battens can still achieve this and comply with the schedule method, using products like R1.8 Expol 60mm or R2.0 Mammoth 70mm wall insulation. Where a building doesn?t meet the criteria for the schedule method it will need to be modelled using the calculation method with Design Navigator or BRANZ tool. There are other higher performing 70mm insulation products on the market that will increase the thermal performance of walls if higher R-values are desired. See below for more information. Please call Durapanel on 0800 387 272, or email [email protected] with any Technical queries.