Q: What are the advantages of Durapanel for a Home Owner Or Investor?

The key advantages of Durapanel for the home owner or investor are: 1) Your home is finished faster. Attractive especially if you are renting waiting to get into your new home. 2) Durability. Solid, impact resistant panels reduce dents and damage that commonly occur in every day life, especially with children. Protect your long-term investment with a structure that requires very little ongoing maintenance. 3) D?cor and shelving can be fixed anywhere due to the solid timber walls. No need to locate studs or nogs/dwangs only to find your artwork will be off center in the lounge wall! 4) Space Saving. Due to the thinner internal walls, you will gain up to 6% more useable floor space. Where you might have struggled to have that extra toilet or wardrobe, is now possible with Durapanel.