Q: Can Durapanel Ceilings be used with traditional timber frame walls?

Durapanel ceiling panels are not limited to using in conjunction with 36mm Durapanel walls, and as per section 8.1 of the Durapanel technical manual can also be laid across the top of timber framed walls. The ceiling system is described in the Durapanel Technical Manual (Section 8 -detail 8.10). Supporting walls do not have to be constructed using the Durapanel System. Section 1: Scope and Compliance (section 1.4) describes the system as suitable for dwellings and similar buildings within the scope outlined in clause 1.1.2 of NZS3604. This is interpreted that components of buildings (e.g. ceilings and/or walls) are compatible and can be used in conjunction with other systems taken from other building standards (e.g. NZS3604)