Q: What are the advantages of Durapanel for a Builder Or Developer?

The key advantages of Durapanel for the builder or developer are: 1) Faster Construction. Reduce on site labour and building materials with offsite manufactured walls & ceilings structural panels. Time savings of up to 40% can be experienced with new build projects. 2) Easier. Panels are simple to install and do not require highly skilled labour on site. The panel is the finished surface. No plasterboard trades and painting can commence earlier in the process. 3) Parallel Trades. Once solid ceilings are installed, work can begin on the interior of the home while the exterior is finished. The ability for trades to work in parallel reduces the overall building timeframe. 4) Space saving. Maximise ROI from obtaining up to 6% more floor space with thinner internal walls resulting in achieving more rooms, or larger rooms in your floorplan.